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Hard Cover

Hard Cover

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In this immersive and inspirational book for black women, Anbria Childs shares her traumas, wins and everything in between to empower women across the globe.

BLACK WOMEN CAN OVERCOME! In Let Me Tell You Something, Anbria Childs digs deep into her own traumas from childhood and adulthood to help you overcome yours. As a black woman in America, we are often referred to as loud, opinionated and having a bad attitude. In reality, we are not what society labels us, but we are a reflection of who God says we are. Black Queens it’s time to stand up and take our rightful place.


Take a look at:
• How to win at relationships 
• Overcoming the traumas of childhood
• Why self-love is important
• How to overcome daddy issues
• Forgiveness belongs to you
• You are not perfect
• And more


Let’s self-examine, self-correct and show self-love, so that we can be the best versions of ourselves.

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