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I'm so glad your here!  My goal is to be as transparent as possible with you on my journey so that you can know that you are not alone. I will be dropping transparent moments about my life, tips on how to become an author and playwriting and more.  

How My Life Changed In A Year!

Let me tell y’all something I have been high high for 1 year. Now I know what you’re thinking. High!! Yes high, a NATURAL high. My life has completely changed in 1year but for the better.

One year ago today I was trying to find my way. My personal and professional life was suffering. I was smiling on the outside but on the inside I was miserable. I was going to church every Sunday serving God but my life didn’t reflect Gods abundance.

Let me take y’all back to one year ago.

  • My personal life and career was failing!!! You hear me, failing!!!

  • My job sucked.

  • I was dating people with no results.

  • My dream was dying and I was just over it.

I was in a job that didn’t appreciate me even though I was the longest employee there. I asked them for a raise after going back and forth with myself about it. My manager said right now they couldn’t give it to me. I was upset but I kept working. Later on I found on that a new employee that just started a month before came in the door making 30,000 more than me. That sent me over the edge and I told myself that I know my worth and I have to find a new job.

During that time, I was dating a few people but it was going NO WHERE. They were all the same people just in a different body. No communication skills, no goals, lack of time and the list could go on on and on. I was so over dating if the was the results I was going to get!

Then there was my dreams!! For those that don’t know me, I am a Playwright but my dreams expand way beyond that. I aspired to be an author, motivational speaker, start a organization for human trafficking, become a screenwriter and the list goes on. But I wasn’t doing any of that! Why because I was sleeping on my God given gifts. To be honest I loved sleeping more than being motivated. I was procrastinating and living life like I had it together. I honestly l didn’t know how to come out my slump.

Fast forward one year later!

I met the love of my life. I know that it’s cliche to some people that love is real, but it Is REAL! He was everything that I needed. If anyone knows him, they know that he is true blue. He helped me turn my life around. He is very ambitious and that was something I was struggling with. AMBITION.

He told me one day if I didn’t feel appreciated at my job, to just get a new one. It was that simple! So I did! I applied and applied and finally it happened for me and guess what?! I make 6 figures now!!!! I was so grateful because I never thought at the age of 27 I would be making 6 figures. I knew then that I could do anything if I just applied myself.

I was going to church every Sunday praising and worshipping God but I wasn’t putting in no work. That’s why my life was a cycle. God want’s us to do something with ourselves. He want’s us to show that we want the blessings and that we are willing to do the work to get it. So, I kept working my faith. I started back writing my book and now I am a author. At 27 years old, I am a Author! Can you believe it?

I also started a going to venues to look for spaces for my play. I wanted to have my first main stream play in 2021, but of course COVID put a halt to that. But guess what? That doesn’t stop my plans because it’s still going to happen, I am just putting the necessary steps in place for when the world fully opens back up and these mask can be a thing of the past. I am not letting one hiccup stop the plans that God has for me and neither should you, friend. We have to keep moving inspite of adversity. So in the mean time, I started my consulting business, helping new authors write their book and learn how to self publish. I have also done several speaking engagements talking about my book and helping women just like you overcome the trials and tribulations in their life. Multiple streams of income, you hear me! There is money to be made and I am goin to make all of it.

I also started working out and reading at least 15 pages of an inspirational book each morning because I want my physical and mental health to be a priority as well. So no more sleeping in. Ummmmm….lol.

So all in all, I met the love of my life, I am an Author, motivational speaker and a playwright.

I want to encourage you and let you know that your life CAN change in a year. You just have to put the work in! God can do it, but he want’s you to put your best foot forward.

Write a list of your goals and take one step towards it this week. Stop putting it off to tomorrow because we have today to do it! I love you and I want to see everyone winning like me. I promised myself that my legacy for my children wouldn’t be clothes and unfulfilled gifts an I meant that.

Go be great! If you need any coaching or just want to talk, DM me. I will make myself available to you. Love you, friend!

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